At Home With John DeSantis: An Interview By A College Student

3 Technical Notes:

* To view video controls put the cursor over the viewer. To make them go away, put the cursor anywhere outside the viewer. If you cannot hear the audio to your satisfaction, make sure to check both the volume on the video control panel and on your computer itself, as they are separate from one another. Note that the volume control is located in the right corner of the video control panel and can be increased by moving the arrow all the way to the right. Once you do that and you still need more volume, then increase it using your computer’s volume control.

* In some browsers you can make the viewer bigger by zooming in. (It works in Firefox on my Mac when I do 'command' and '+'.)

* If you cannot get the video to work you may need to download or upgrade your version of Adobe Flash Player. You can download it for free here.