This page contains the "Rough Draft"
that I need "Help" with.

Not being a very good letter writer myself, this is a call for help from anyone and everyone who wants to help take the general ideas that are found in this rough draft of mine, for starters, and turn it into something that will have a much better chance of being seriously considered by those who receive it. So far I haven't sent it to anyone because I'm very dissatisfied with it, knowing it to be very amateur and needing a lot of help from those who are capable.

Please send me whatever ideas, suggestions, or whole re-writes that you can via my e-mail address which is found at the bottom of my "Economic Proposal to Humanity" that is on the main page of this web site.

The plan is to send an e-mail copy of the below letter only, that I would keep sending, little by little, to college newspapers run by students in every state of every nation that have an English language version that I could mail it to -- hoping that they would also translate it into the language of their nation.


I write to you, as I'm also writing to the Editors of other college newspapers, and to various student groups around the world, in the hopes that you will publish the below letter in your publication for all of your readers to see -- and that you and your fellow students who work on the paper will also do what you can in other ways to help spread the word elsewhere in your school and in your community.

If you do publish it on your web site, with whatever introductory comments that you lead into it with, please let me know so that I can list it and provide a link to it on the web site of the project spoken of below -- the same goes for any other permanent link that you may provide in order to point people to the project's web site.

I thank you in advance for reading and considering it.

Most sincerely,

John DeSantis



Dear young people everywhere, both in or out of high school or college:

Each and every one of you can play an important and mighty part in helping to change the horrible way in which the world now works, overall, in general, in one of the most important areas of our common worldwide social life, the economy of every nation -- the need to develop a worldwide system that can actually do away with poverty in every nation.

I'm just an average person, a senior citizen who never finished high school, who has for some reason envisioned an important project that, for the sake of our common humanity, desperately needs your help and your skilled and united cooperation in spreading the word to your fellow citizens in each of your nations, as well as people in your nation's government, people in your nation's various media outlets, the teachers and professors in your schools, and so on. Why? Because in my very amateurish way of writing letters, I don't think that I'm in any way skilled or knowledgeable enough to catch the attention of humanity all by myself. But you young folks all over the world, skillfully working together, to make your voices heard, could surely do it!

Even though I'm very unskilled at working the computer, I have learned from a teenager just enough to put my ideas on a web site that is dedicated solely to presenting this vision that I have for humanity to the world, so that everyone can learn about it and develop it further. Of course the document needs to eventually be translated into every language on the web site once some skilled and talented people come along and redo it and make it much more professional.

If you truly want to at least consider the notion of playing a serious part in changing the way the world does things in the way of economics, so that we can finally, once and for all, do away with poverty around the world, please read what I have so far written on my web site, and then if you see something worthwhile in it, and are inspired enough by it, get involved in helping to form a worldwide student movement that would dedicate itself to helping to bring it to everyone's attention in your community and nation. This is a project that, based on its plan, naturally needs every nation to eventually be involved at the same time in analyzing and developing it.

My only motive in writing this letter is to try to get as many young people as possible, and hopefully even some of their teachers, worldwide, who I truly feel collectively hold many of the keys to any future changes in the way the world-wide community of nations will operate together, to know about my "Economic Proposal to Humanity" before my life comes to an end, so that it can keep having a chance to serve humanity well.

"It's a very practical, ethical, and spiritual economic plan for all of humanity to come together on and embrace."

If you young people of our world can steadily get yourselves skillfully organized and continuously express yourselves loud and clear in an organized way, in every nation, each of your governments, your media, and your fellow citizens will finally take notice and make this a subject that is constantly debated in the bright blaze of the worldwide public spotlight.

If you post this letter on your web site, and/or on your home page, with whatever introductory comments that you lead into it with, please let me know so that I can list it and provide a link to it on the project's web site -- the same goes for any other permanent link that you may provide in order to help point people to the project.

OK, here's the link to my "Economic Proposal to Humanity":


If after reading it you come to think that my mostly unknown economic proposal to humanity is worth telling other people in your country and community about, so that at least one group of students, for starters, might come together to represent your nation in a skilled and organized way, in close contact and coordinated with groups representing other nations that hopefully will also come together, please do so to help get this Movement, this "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum", started for the sake of our long-suffering world. (I hope that students who get involved in each nation, besides presenting it in English, will also translate it and present it in the various languages of their nation.)

I thank you in advance for reading and considering it.

Most sincerely,

John DeSantis


Reminder: Stop back once in a while, as this rough draft could keep changing and be somewhat different than this version. Why? In case I do some editing of it, trying to make it a little better and clearer, if I think of things to say; or others give me suggestions to use or even completely different re-writes that are much better.

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Finally: If anyone can think of other things that we could say in other letters that we can send to college professors, newspapers in every nation, government officials in every nation, and so on, please compose a rough first draft and send it to me via e-mail, which I'll post for everyone who comes to this web site to see and help with.