If you (and/or your organization, or your nation) decide that you want to help champion, lead, guide, and organize the proposed worldwide "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum", in your own nation, or around the whole world, please feel free to contact me at my home whenever you want to, either by e-mail, regular mail, or telephone, and we can begin our discussions. The same goes for if you want to promote it in some way; or if you want to write about it in a media article; or if you want to write a book and/or produce a movie about a world operating in this way. I most sincerely look forward to talking to, and being interviewed by, everyone who is interested. The same also goes for if you want to invite me to speak and answer questions in any sort of small or large non-profit, commercial, government, or media forum; or take part in any kind of formal or informal meeting or conference, both private and public.

John DeSantis
1113 Scotts Hill Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21208

Phone: 410-484-1987

This is my E-mail address for this project: