Hello, and welcome to my web site. My name is John DeSantis. I'm a senior citizen who currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.A.) with my wife Bonnie Hurwitz. I was born in Highlandtown, a neighborhood in Baltimore City, on April 13, 1941. When I was 17, I joined the Marine Corps and was on active duty for four years, from 1958 to 1962. On January 4th, 1980, a vision came to me of a way to create true economic success for humanity. Confident that I had found not only a solution to worldwide poverty, but a way to make every nation and territory in the world prosperous, I've devoted the past 33 years to cultivating my ideas and trying to get my vision out there in the public spotlight, in an effort to inspire people who have the know-how to turn this into a worldwide movement to join my cause.

Although I have a very big and important vision for humanity, I'm not in any way a skilled writer, so please consider everything that I present in this document as only rough, unedited notes that are offered in order to sketch an image of the movement that I'm trying to inspire humanity to start. They will be rewritten and presented in a much more organized and professional way once some skilled and talented people, who are inspired by what is presented come along and get it all started. I most sincerely hope that after you have taken the time to read everything here, as well as watch my videos where I talk about it, you'll at least feel that it's worth telling others about my vision, for their open-minded consideration.


I publicly pledge here, on my sacred word of honor, that, from now (January 4, 2001) until the day I die, I will never, ever ask any individual, or any government, non-profit organization, educational institution, or commercial company, for any amount of money or compensation in any way, shape, or form (nor will I ever accept anything if voluntarily offered to me), even though I am ready, willing, able, and anxious to work on all this and be heavily involved every hour of every day of my waking life if given the opportunity to help humanity with bringing into active existence, in every nation, the proposed world-wide "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" that this evolving document speaks of. And this includes everything to do with those of you who want to write about it in media articles; or if you want to write a book and/or produce a movie for theaters and/or television, about a world operating in this way; or if you want to compose songs about this and/or be the person, group, or band that sings and records the songs; or if you want to create talk shows on radio and television -- or even if you want to produce a steady series of books, recordings, movies, and/or television shows. You can talk and consult with me, both privately and publicly (on a talk show, for instance), in order to draw out of me endless amounts of thoughts, ideas, opinions, and information about this vision of mine for as long and as often as you want to, and I will never want any money or even any legal rights to whatever is produced, even if it happens to be products and services that I didn't mention here, and whatever money you or your company earn from any of it, no matter how much or how often.