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(9) January 29, 2003: The way I see it in my vision, offered as food-for-thought starting-ideas for everyone to consider, improve, and add to, the proposed new-money-issuing authority would fully fund, massively and in every way, the complete rebuilding of all nations that have been absolutely devastated by wars, tyrants, and dictators, such as, for example, Afghanistan. This particular nation isn't really being funded and helped as quickly and as much as it should be -- not even up to whatever the limited ways were that were spoken of and promised to it at the early stages of the liberation of that country and its people. Why? Because the bottom-line reality is that due to the very limiting dynamics of the present economic ways in which the world operates, along with probably many other reasons why the help is not as forthcoming as it should be, nations can't really do as much as they would like to because of not even being able to pay for so many of their own problems; they simply can't afford to provide the needed money to pay for all that needs to so desperately be done for another country. But it would be easy and natural and quickly done in the proposed new "Public & Private Enterprise" economic system, as it would all just be a great and loving "Public Enterprise" endeavor that humanity would rally to the occasion for in order to quickly get this nation onto its feet, in every way, once and for all. Surely just this one isolated example shows how the new money that would be created to finance a great and needed humanitarian nation-rebuilding project of this kind would be "naturally loved and highly respected by everyone" in the world. The government of Afghanistan, with the help of experts of all kinds, would be constantly sending well-thought-out and planned proposals to the new-money-issuing authority in order to have them approved so it can steadily receive the financing for everything that needed to be done to rebuild its "Public Enterprise" government institutions, its infrastructure, and everything else that its people need, like schools, hospitals, etc., and to pay for everything that "Private Enterprise" people and businesses, from both within the country and from without, would be doing to get this all done.


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