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(8) January 28, 2003: Please keep in mind that in this economic proposal and vision for humanity the U.N. (the United Nations organization) is considered an international "Public Enterprise". This means that no nation would ever again have to struggle to make monetary contributions to it (especially since nations wouldn't even be collecting taxes any more), as its entire range of operations, projects, programs, and expenses, inclusive of every nation's participation, would be fully financed by the new-money-issuing authority. Think about how much more good the U.N. could do for our suffering, struggling, and strife-filled world if it didn't ever again have to sadly pick and choose between which situations it could afford to get involved with and which ones it couldn't; and also think about this: that whatever important situations it is and would ever be involved with, in service to humanity, it would always be able to afford to be involved right up to whatever maximum participation was needed. On another food-for-thought note, it might even be best for the experts, as well as everyone else, to consider if whether or not the proposed new-money-issuing authority should be a department of the U.N.


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