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(7) January 27, 2003: Here are just a few starting-ideas to consider concerning how to best maintain very tight controls so that corruption can't get a foothold into the system when it comes to the constant issuing of new money to run all governments as well as all other "Public Enterprises": All "Public Enterprise" employees, from the top to the bottom of the scale of both elected and appointed positions, inclusive of all levels and kinds of jobs, skills, and talents, should receive their paychecks directly from the new-money-issuing authority, which should operate under the very bright blaze of the public spotlight at all times. The same goes for when paying all "Private Enterprise" businesses and vendors for their products and services, based on whatever they contracted to do and supply to governments and other "Public Enterprises" -- meaning those payments should always be paid to them directly for whatever they honestly contracted to do, and did, and which was kept very close track of. The bottom-line starting-idea is that no national governments, and no government agencies within them, should get or maintain huge lump sums of money in advance in order to pay for all these sorts of things; let the international new-money-issuing authority be in charge of all this, from both its headquarters and from its branches in each and every nation -- as first spoken of in item number (1) in this section.


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