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(6) January 15, 2003: Here are some very unique things about Inflation to think about and consider: It is my opinion that with only one very loved and respected currency in the world, loved and respected because of the very important problem-solving ways that it comes into existence, inflation as we have known it up to now won't have a place to exist. Why? It will always stay very stable because it will be the only world-wide medium of exchange other than bartering and things like that, which are OK because it doesn't harm the economic system when some people happen to trade in these ways without the use of an official currency. Prices for products and services will still go up and down, as always, but, and as it should be, prices will be heavily controlled and kept down in a natural way by plenty of steady and honest competition. Here are just a couple of ways (spoken of in the above document) that the new money will come into existence on a regular basis, solving major problems while being loved and respected for it all over the world:

(a) Every single person in the world will be entitled to free medical care throughout life, the very best there is for everyone, and "Public" hospitals will be built and maintained with "Public Enterprise" new money, with doctors, nurses, medical staff, and suppliers constantly getting paid with new money that is issued by the "Public Enterprise" system. The world's new-money-issuing authority will also have to figure out the formula for how "Private Enterprise" hospitals, doctors, nurses, medical staff, and suppliers fit into this; meaning: Who and what gets paid for, or not, and how much -- based on, I assume, for starters, for what, to whom, and how much things are paid for in the "Public Enterprise" sector.

(b) The same with public education of all kinds, at every level; it will be free to everyone, worldwide, while being paid for, in every way (meaning the construction and maintenance of buildings, teachers, suppliers, etc.), at all times, with new "Public Enterprise" money being issued. And, as in the medical field, the world's new-money-issuing authority will also have to figure out the formula for how "Private Enterprise" schools, and their owners, the people teaching in them, and the students who attend them, are financially dealt with -- once again, as above, for starters, based on how it all works in the "Public Enterprise" sector.

This world will finally be a wonderfully transformed place for everyone, everywhere, once a very wise money system (the important medium of exchange for its economic system) is in place: such as the one that I have proposed here, to be used as a starting-idea for every nation to get together and dialogue on. [Note: Here's another link up to the "Sample List" that the two above categories are found in if you want to again see some of the other subjects and situations that I suggest should be paid for with "Public Enterprise" new money at all times.]


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