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(5) January 11, 2003 [rewritten on May 6, 2004]: Based on what I said in Additional Item number (4), about no more taxation existing on the planet, please keep in mind that I think it's fair to say (offering just a few ideas and using just a few examples here in order to make the overall point clear, as a starting-point for thought and discussion) that companies having to pay rents or fees to any government for things like the commercial use of the natural resources that exist in the common public environment, as well as for the expenses related to the cleaning up of the environment after polluting it, when and if that be the case, and/or having to install and use technology that is required by law so as not to pollute the common environment of earth, air, and water, should not be considered taxes. The same goes for any government rents, fees, fines, and/or other expenses that companies have to incur for the use of and/or for having to fix up the landscape after taking things from it, like when mining for minerals deep underground, strip-mining for minerals, cutting down trees, and so on. The same also goes for the rents or fees that commercial businesses have to pay for using the frequencies in the public airways for radio and television stations, and maybe even for other commercial technical uses of the public space and electronic spectrum that surrounds the earth (if that's more or less the correct way of expressing it) -- especially when it gets polluted with chemicals and left-over parts from rockets and satellites.

Since all governments in every nation -- city, county, state, and national -- are "Public Enterprises" that are funded in the same exact way by the world's new-money-issuing authority, all amounts of money that "Private Enterprise" businesses (large and small, local, national, and international) have to give up in the form of rents and fees, such as when required in the few examples that are laid out above, will be taken out of circulation and placed under very tight security in the vaults of this international world body. Then, rather than simply being destroyed, this money will be available to be reissued again, anywhere in the world, whenever new money is to be issued for any sort of authorized "Public Enterprise" activity -- naturally cutting down, to some degree, overall, on the amount of new money that has to be printed in this whole new way that the world operates its loved and respected money system, its "medium of exchange", as spoken of all throughout this document.


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