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(43) June 16, 2006: This is the first time since I started writing this document, this economic proposal to humanity (almost five and a half years ago), that I will offer some rough starting-ideas about this military topic for everyone to consider and begin talking about.

But first let me say this: Because of the no-taxation way of operating the "Public & Private Enterprise" economic vision that I have so far laid out for humanity to consider in every nation and territory, and in all of their states, counties, provinces, cities, villages, and local governments, here is where I mention the first possible arena where taxation might or should still come into play -- and that is in each nation and territory that wants to continue to have its own military, like so many nations have at this time. The starting-idea here is that even though absolutely no taxes would be needed to be collected in order to pay for all other "Public Enterprise" government expenses in every nation, meaning the thousands of things and projects needed in order to run their governments and to serve their people and their infrastructures well, as laid out in this document up to this point, taxes should probably continue to be collected to pay for each nation's military expenses.

From a very united, loving, and humane international point of view, and because of the horrible condition of the world, with so much suffering in so many nations that is caused by so many private criminal military armies, and so many rogue military gangs, militias, rebels, warlords, insurgents, and so on with whatever names all of the different types of these groups may be called by, I recommend that the world should come together and build a huge and well paid voluntary international land, air, and sea military force that is so large, and so well equipped and staffed, because it is always funded as a "Public Enterprise", that it dwarfs the overall military force of any particular nation -- one that is so large that it has many millions more men and women serving in it, inclusive of all of its branches, than the total number of men and women that serve in all of the various national military forces put together.

It should be so large and so powerful, and every unit in this extremely important international military "Public Enterprise" should always be made up with volunteers from every nation and territory, and with all of the generals and officers of every rank, and all of the enlisted men and women of every rank, coming from every nation and closely working together at all times in every nation that needs them to come and put down whatever mess that all the rough military criminals are doing to any nation and its people. And this international military force should always come in to help a nation that is in military need, or a region in the nation that is in need, in a gigantically overpowering way (not in the very insufficient way it constantly happens now all over our suffering world) -- both in military force and in the number and kind of military units needed, and no matter how many hundreds of thousands or even how many millions of military personnel may be needed to absolutely win the day as quickly as possible. And this overpowering tactical way should also always be used to quickly help any particular nation as a whole that has been invaded by some other nation, as well as when it is just particular regions that have been controlled by the bad guys, so to say. And this international military force should always be able to easily do all of this in as many nations and regions in nations that need help in this united military way -- all at the same time.

This planetary international military force should always be operated in a very united way, with people from every nation serving in every single land, sea, and air unit that will be stationed and on standby, while always being well trained and ready to go when needed, in many different locations in the world, as well as the leading officers of all units also always being from every nation. This way, as time goes by, and it proves itself honest and dependable in so many ways, constantly helping so many nations do away with the bad guys, it will become so trusted that little by little many nations will simply decide to give up their own national military forces because they know that they are well protected by the international world force, a force which they know that many of its officers and soldiers, sailors, and air force personnel are citizens of their own nation, working with the personnel from every other nation to constantly keep this world of nations absolutely safe -- not like the horror that it has constantly been so far in our human history, no matter how many nations have military forces.

The bottom line to my roughly-laid-out international military vision here is that our one humanity will always be heavily and skillfully protected everywhere by our united international military force that never has to worry about how things are to be paid for, no matter how much equipment is ever needed, and no matter how many millions of personnel make this their careers in service to humanity, since money will never be a problem, as laid out all throughout this document. We have to make it so powerful that no nation will ever again try to invade and overpower any other nation because of the absolute consequences of quickly being defeated by the international military force; and every small or large rogue group of military criminals within any nation, no matter where they are doing their dirty deeds within any nation, will always be quickly overpowered. This should steadily deter any such criminal military group and activity from wanting to try and come into existence in order to steal from, control, and kill the local people in any region of any nation.

I most sincerely hope that I have offered enough useful starting-ideas here for everyone to consider and improve upon -- especially once this entire economic proposal to humanity becomes something that is constantly discussed in the bright blaze of the "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" spotlight, a worldwide forum that I am trying to get going for humanity.


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