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(4) January 9, 2003 [rewritten on January 21, 2003]: Based on this new very altruistic, productive, and problem-solving way of bringing money into existence in every nation, here are just a few food-for-thought ideas to consider about a world smoothly operating without any kind of taxation messing up the gears of the human-driven economic engine: Think about how much more money everyone, both workers and businesses, will have to spend and invest without taxes of any kind, both direct and indirect, taking anything away from them. Think about how much cheaper all products and services can be sold for to regular consumers, other businesses, and to governments. Think about how all of the fighting over and the despising of taxes in every field and arena will come to an end -- and how all of the dirty dealing that goes on between business special interests and their governments, over tax breaks and incentives, will cease to exist. Think about how all that governments need and want to do, in order to help in so many ways within their various local, state, national, and international jurisdictions, but can't even come close to paying for, no matter how much money they dare to raise through taxation, will cease to be the problem that it has been and is. Think about how the desperate avoidance of paying taxes by so many individuals and businesses will not exist anymore, anywhere (taxation is something which has constantly helped to make many citizens -- employees, business owners, and corporate executives -- dishonest, by illegally cheating in many ways to avoid paying taxes, while so many other citizens and businesses honestly follow the tax laws and rules and pay their fair share even though, in their hearts, they too really don't like to or want to). And also think about finally putting out of existence the constant and very distasteful activity and unfair dynamic of politicians who are endlessly fighting and jockeying over who gets what for their constituencies, which programs get funded -- local, state, and national, with taxpayer money, and which don't. And on and on with so many other things that I haven't mentioned here in these general ways, that everyone can think of.


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