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(35) December 3, 2003: To continue and add to the things said in Additional Item numbers (33) and (34), I want you to know that I get some e-mails from people within some of these many different economic philosophies, schools of thought, and ways of thinking, telling me either how mistaken I am, sometimes how ignorant I am -- and sometimes even how stupid I am, and so on, and that I need to learn about and to think in the economic ways that they do. Some are very polite and kind and sincerely want to be helpful to me, and some are straight-out mean and insulting.

From my point of view, the bottom line is that between all of the existing theories, schools of thought, and ways to think about economic policies and currency creation, and the way things are actually done in every nation, the world is always, in general, overall, in deep economic trouble, with ongoing and non-stop human suffering in so many ways the direct result of how we do economic things as a world community of nations. Each of these existing ways of thinking and teaching about economics and currencies has either thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of people who believe in them and who champion the particular theory or theories that they believe in and agree with. But no matter what and how much I open-mindedly read about any of these theories, no matter how good and scholarly they sound and are, up to a point, I always naturally find that I keep saying to myself that my particular vision is different and solves the major problems that none of them or all of them together, so far, can't seem to do.

So, because each of these economic theories and schools of thought have many people and institutions actively teaching and promoting them, and my economic vision for humanity only has me, my wife (Bonnie Hurwitz), a few friends, and some other folks around the world who little by little send me e-mails saying they like what I'm proposing and will tell others about it, until some people actually come along who are truly inspired by what I propose, and who can make it all very organized, professional, and well written, and get the international "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" that I speak of going, I will steadfastly stick to my mission, which is firmly based on what I said in this item that is taken from the introductory section at the beginning of this document:

"...I sincerely feel that it is my sacred duty to humanity to finally, once and for all, get it written down so that there is at least a record of it before my life comes to an end, doing my best to try and keep it public and available to as much of humanity as I can all along the way of its development. Why? So that it doesn't simply disappear from humanity's view when I die because not enough people around the world became aware of its existence, and so that it can keep being noticed, considered, evaluated, spoken of, pondered over, and improved upon, no matter how long it may take to be recognized and to finally have a chance to serve humanity well: be it in a few years, decades, or centuries."

Right or wrong as the case may be, the bottom line is that I most sincerely think that I have this particular unique economic vision for humanity for some very important reason, even though, based on my lack of a formal education, I don't know where it came from, or who may have dropped it into my mind, if that in any way can possibly even be considered the case, or why an uneducated person like me has been carrying it for so long now (since January 4, 1980) -- but only able to begin writing about it since January 4, 2001. I have sincerely presented it to humanity only as I constantly and truthfully envision it, and offer it only as "starting ideas" for humanity to work with, and have invited everyone, including all of the economic experts from every nation, in and out of all the many different governments of the world, to help develop it and make it better so that we can finally eliminate poverty from the face of the earth, and always have, non-stop, very vibrant, successful, and friendly interdependent economies that we can truly love and respect everywhere because of the very important and ethical reasons of How, When, and For What Reasons money comes into existence throughout the world in the same exact way in every nation -- the proposed one single "Public Enterprise" currency, which besides funding all "Public Enterprises", as spoken of throughout this document, wisely also constantly funds all "Private Enterprise" activity.

Finally, I want everyone to also know that some people send me e-mails telling me that my writing stinks, and that I need to say it all in much shorter and professional ways. All I can say concerning this, is that what is presented on this web site, written in my very amateur way, is the best that I can do all by myself, but I have a plan and here's how I want everyone to think of it: The skilled and talented group that I am calling for all throughout this document, and that hopefully begins to come together soon, will, as a team effort, rewrite and reorganize this entire document in whatever professional ways that they do it in. But for both an exact permanent record (which I sincerely want to strategically exist), and so that people in the future can see exactly what the initial group (the starting-team) that comes together in order to develop and rewrite this had to work with, in order to help start the world-wide Movement that I call for in this proposal, I suggest that they simply put a link to the current version of the document that I have written somewhere at the very bottom of their version of this proposal to humanity, just as it is at the time (the moment) the group that comes together begins to rewrite and revamp the whole web site. From that point on, when the initial team's first version is done and posted to the project's web site, to then evolve from there, it will be the page that people all over the world come to when they click on the link to this site. The link at the very bottom of the Home page will only be to the historical dated version of what it was when I was all alone and presenting it in my amateur and unskilled way, and calling out for help. It will be, from that moment on, a static, un-evolving version, and strictly an old-time record, so to say. [February 17, 2009: Please know that the only thing different about this web site, and what I wrote just above in this last paragraph of this December 3, 2003 Additional Item number (35), is this: The whole web site is still my own writing; only the re-doing of all the different sections now being on separate pages was changed in February of 2009 by Kate Lindsay (you'll see her name in the credits of all My Videos, her most important technical way of helping me). Up until this month this whole web site was all on one page.]


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