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(30) September 16, 2003: In the proposed "Public & Private Enterprise" system, investing in and/or building small or large "Private Enterprise" businesses in any country in the world will be very safe and secure from the "currency" point of view. Why? Because of there being only one currency in the world that is always very stable, loved, and respected by everyone because of the way it is brought into existence through all of the "Public Enterprise" activities, rather than the existing ways things are done with so many different currencies that are at the mercy and whim of so many varied political decisions of nations and institutions constantly either undervaluing, devaluing, or overvaluing currencies, when it's not simply happening only because of the destructive and harmful dynamics caused by all of the different currencies being treated as commodities and traded by all of the dishonest speculators and manipulators in the many stock markets and trading exchanges throughout the world (as well as by the honest currency speculators who aren't purposely manipulating anything and who don't realize what may be going on by the dishonest people who are). Businesses will only win or lose because of things like competition, skill or the lack of it in running a business, providing or not providing good customer services, and so on, not because of the dynamics of the never-ending fluctuating values of so many different currencies. These are just some more "starting-ideas" for everyone to consider, ponder over, and improve upon, and which will be dealt with, along with so many other issues, in the "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" that I'm trying to get going in the world, as spoken of throughout this document, which is a work in progress.


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