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(29) September 11, 2003 [rewritten on September 14, 2003]: Because poverty would cease to exist in the world, and everyone would be in the economic process, the number of small farms and small businesses in every nation, on the "Private Enterprise" side of the equation, would have a much better chance to keep increasing and flourish in this new and improved one-currency, tax-free, "Public & Private Enterprise" economy that is presented to humanity throughout the proposal on this web site. This most needed and wonderful dynamic would always provide an enormous number of new jobs at all times. And no one, whose particular small farm can't get a fair price for their products due to ever-changing market forces, and other market-related reasons, and all other small business owners who can't seem to make a go of it, for whatever reasons, even if it's because of their own lack of skill at running a business, will have to worry about falling into poverty and unemployment. Why? Because there will always be plenty of jobs of all kinds for them to fall back on and choose from in either or both sides of the "Public & Private Enterprise" economy -- and this also goes for all of their employees that they have to let go who have to go and find new jobs. All of these various dynamics are additional strong reasons why this one world-wide currency will be "naturally loved and highly respected by everyone" in the world.


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