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(28) August 6, 2003 [rewritten on August 12, 2003]: Our present world-wide monetary and economic systems can't handle the reality of what is actually happening on the ground: Which is that the machines and robots developed by the technology of the world are steadily doing more and more of everything, taking away jobs from more and more people. But because this proposed "Public & Private Enterprise" economic system for our world-wide civilization is purposely designed to be an absolutely humane and practical one, it naturally allows us, as things evolve, to develop and provide endless types of new jobs, jobs more grounded in social activities and interaction than the types of jobs that machinery and technology keep taking away from people. This loving and socially-grounded economic way of providing jobs and doing things will allow the economic system to always work smoothly by constantly adjusting itself without hurting anyone by causing poverty and loss of jobs that can't be made up in so many other ways, as science and innovation develop more and more machines and robots to take the place of human beings -- all the way up to the possibility, using a worst case future scenario here in order to make my point, of almost every job in every industry taken away from people and done by machines developed by the humanity they are supposed to help.

The wise bottom line for our planetary civilization is that all kinds of mental and physical human interaction between people will naturally need to be considered the jobs of the future as machines constantly take over jobs and less and less people are required to do so much of the routine, ordinary, and not-so-skilled work-tasks in more and more industries (which has already been happening for quite some time now): from basic farming and manufacturing on one end, straight-on through to the highest manufacturing, technology, and scientific industries on the other end, all inclusive in all categories of things like, just for example, the warehousing of products of every kind (from first putting them into the warehouse, then keeping track of the inventory, and finally when picking products out to fill orders for sales and distribution).

The wise and correct way for our money to come into existence, and be distributed, our one universal currency and medium of exchange, as proposed all throughout this document, will allow humanity to constantly adjust so that poverty steadily lessens and finally disappears from the face of the earth because so many new kinds of jobs will always be plentiful. And even many things and ways not yet thought of at the moment, like, for example, being a full-time single mother or father during all the years that are necessary while children are developing, possibly also being a "Public Enterprise" paying job category whenever necessary (I personally consider being a parent one of the most important, and most difficult, jobs and responsibilities in a civilization).

Our wisely improved economic system will allow us to have a healthy, happy, prosperous civilization even if almost no physical jobs related to the producing of products as we know them today is what the world evolves to -- that is, jobs would mostly be in mentoring, teaching, tutoring, lecturing, being students in some cases, foster parenting, caregiving, companionship, show business, entertaining, comedy, acting, technical and creative staffs, writing, directing, composing, story-telling, the arts, dancing, singing, sports, knowledge, wisdom, inventing, doctors, nursing, animal welfare, research, baby-sitting, block watching, police, fire-fighting, emergency crews of all types, repairing all of the machines, etc. and so on into many more activities such as these samples. It will be the relatively-few who invent, develop, design, build, and operate all of the machines and robots that do everything -- as well as whatever else needs to be done by people to keep a highly developed computer, robot, and machine driven civilization running -- while most everyone else earn their livings in the various human-relations cultural activities, as listed above. Many different categories of the above examples of work will be predominant on both sides of the "Public & Private Enterprise" economic system.

Only a very unwise and unethical money- and jobs-driven economic civilization, such as ours, would not take care of thinking and feeling human beings in this way -- as we are already sadly doing, and have been, as more and more jobs are lost to technology. We should constantly prepare to evolve to being this sort of a world: Where machines and robots do most things while people have more and more time for leisure, education, human relations, and activities that are educational, entertaining, and leisurely. It's very ignorant to keep developing machines to do everything for us, taking the work away from people, but not evolve our world's economic and social system to skillfully adjust to this so that human beings do not suffer in any way, but simply earn their livings in thousands of new ways, and without all of these new ways having to be very high-tech themselves, so that average people, the majority of humanity, who are educated, but not in the highest-tech ways, can have hundreds and thousands of categories of jobs to choose from that fit each of their individual natural propensities and their likes and dislikes of what they want to do to be productive in society and earn their livings at the same time.

Not everyone can or wants to be a whiz-kid, so to say, in science, computer technology, and in so many other highly-skilled and highly-educated sectors. Our economically driven civilization must allow for and accommodate and provide a decent living for every level and kind of work. We must plan now, since it has already begun, for the possibility, as said, that one day in the future machines and robots will be able to do almost every single thing, in every industry, needing only a relatively few people to constantly develop, improve, build, operate, and repair them, and still have a fair and vibrant economy within the whole human population; a loving and socially-driven one where no one is ever left behind and without numerous job opportunities to pick and choose from; and where most of the jobs in the world, when one is not in business for one's self, are within the fields of raising a family, government, education, social services, health care, emergency services, ecology, entertainment, art, and culture, and are major fields where within them an endless number and type of jobs are always available for everyone.


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