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(26) June 6, 2003: The man-made "Money", the very important Medium of Exchange that our world civilization uses as the foundational device and tool for all of its economic activity, as well as for all of its social and cultural growth and activity, which I have so far spoken of a lot within the first 25 items of this "Additional Ideas" section, as well as throughout this whole document, should only be set up in such a way as to accomplish, among many other things, the following eight examples of dynamics, conditions, and situations -- anything less than this, as we have been experiencing and suffering with for so long now, is unwise, foolish, ignorant, destructive, selfish, and not very loving and caring toward most of our fellow human beings on this planet:

(1) Firmly based on wise and altruistic reasons for how, when, and for what reasons it comes into existence, there should only be one very dependable, stable, "loved and respected currency" in the world so that there are not all of the endless, ongoing, recurring, and unnecessary destructive economic dynamics and social and cultural hardships that so many different currencies, all-inclusive of the ways in which, and the reasons why, they are created and come into existence in the first place, constantly cause.

(2) This currency should only be set up in such a way so that poverty is eliminated, nations are always prosperous, jobs and opportunities for everyone are always plentiful, and humanity as a whole always succeeds in every way, not as has been and is the present case.

(3) This currency should see to it that everyone is always as educated as they need to be as young children, and then as they want to be later on as they grow older and on into adulthood. We should always have all of the teachers and buildings and supplies needed. So far we do terribly in all this, even in the so-called advanced and prosperous nations, like the United States, for example.

(4) This currency should see to it that everyone has all of the best health care that they need from the cradle to the grave. We should have all of the doctors, nurses, technicians, and related buildings and supplies and equipment that are needed at all times. So far we have been, overall, in general, no matter how many good things we do, an unethical, cruel, and ignorant world, based on how we have so far handled all of this for so many centuries.

(5) This currency should see to it that every aspect of the needed infrastructure of every city, state, and nation is always fully developed and efficiently functional up to the highest that is needed, and always improved as new technologies and innovations come on the scene.

(6) This currency should see to it that senior citizens are well taken care of in every way necessary.

(7) This currency should see to it that both physically and mentally disabled people are also always well taken care of in every way.

(8) This currency should see to it that everything having to do with protecting and taking care of our common natural environment of air, earth, and water, as well as the very important plant and animal kingdoms, is also always well taken care of and wisely considered a top priority.

...and on and on with so many other ways in which we have so far failed ourselves and our fellow citizens of the world, that everyone in every nation can think of. We need every nation to come together and explore and discuss these things in the "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" that this document you are reading on this web site proposes. Please do what you can to help bring this about. It is time to seriously consider eliminating all of these different currencies and wisely evolve to having our world-wide civilization operate with just one currency that is brought into existence for all of the right reasons. The proposed "loved and respected" currency, the world's one "Medium of Exchange" that only comes into existence by funding all of the important "Public Enterprise" productive "DOING", that has been laid out as starting-ideas all throughout this document, will wisely serve humanity well at all times in the most important areas of economic, social, and cultural life, while at the same time keeping the competitive "Private Enterprise" side of the equation very well lubricated with this money.


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