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(25) May 30, 2003: Leaving aside "Private Enterprise" profit-making businesses in the same fields of activity, every city in every nation in the world will no longer have problems creating and funding, up to the maximum needed at all times for buildings, equipment, supplies, staff, and every other kind of general expense related to their operation, as well as for all of the many different categories of performances, shows, and exhibits, with all of their talented singers, dancers, musicians, actors, and artists, all kinds of museums, theaters, and other cultural institutions for the public to enjoy, relax in, and learn from, free of charge, since they will all be "Public Enterprises". Cities, states, and nations will also have no problem expanding any of them whenever necessary. And they will also be able to have so many more of these sorts of institutions, that they probably really want and need for their citizens, but can't now have because of not in any way being able to afford it, no matter how much they tax their populations. Fully funding this very important area of cultural and social life, for people of all ages, is just another strong reason why the new money that would be created at all times on the "Public Enterprise" side of the equation, in order to fund all of these socially-wholesome activities, will be "naturally loved and highly respected by everyone", everywhere in the world.


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