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(24) May 27, 2003: In the present state of the "Private Enterprise" global economy, one of the major and growing unemployment problems that many nations have, besides the various levels that they've become used to, and even consider normal because, unfortunately, in the present system many economic experts consider these levels to be needed, useful, and good for business and the economy, is the additional phenomena of large numbers of people losing their jobs, after years of being loyal to their companies, helping them to grow and be successful, because jobs are exported even when the company doesn't actually close down and move completely out of the country, which so many do. This is done by corporations because the laborers in so many other nations work for so much less in every job category -- from low level and average type jobs of all kinds in manufacturing, to very high skilled manufacturing and technology jobs. This will continue to be a major problem, a thorn in humanity's side, as long as so much ignorant, unjust, and man-made poverty continues to exist and create the great differences in the economies of the nations in the world.

But if the world ever goes this "Public & Private Enterprise" route, using as its very important and needed "Medium of Exchange" just one loved and respected currency in the world that is always worth the same everywhere, and that always funds all "Public Enterprises" in every nation -- enterprises that do all of the most important things that humanity needs done while at the same time naturally funding, supporting, and spurring "Private Enterprise", this closing of companies in one nation in order to move to another one because labor is so much cheaper there, will have a good chance to cease to be a major problem anymore. Why? Because the overall incentive that causes companies to look for cheaper labor will have a much better chance of steadily lessening to a great degree because every nation will be prosperous and healthy and the wages people earn in each particular job category and field will have a good chance to evolve to be more or less the same in each nation -- or at least close enough.

I think that this is a strong possibility because the beginning of the process can easily be made in the "Public Enterprise" sector, where each and every particular category of job in all fields, from top to bottom, in every one of its endeavors, in all fairness, and strategically-wise, in order to lead the way, should be paid the same in each and every nation. I offer these thoughts, as I do all of the others in this proposal, for everyone to deeply consider and ponder over, as well as taking them as starting-ideas to develop much further in all of the wise and professional ways possible.

A wise, loving, moral, and ethical world of truly "United" nations would finally, once and for all, based on our long and sad world-wide experience of failure throughout history, in general, overall, come together and do everything that is possible in order to finally create a dynamically-useful and most ethical single "Medium of Exchange", along with the smooth and dependable way that it comes into existence in the "Public & Private Enterprise" economic process, as proposed throughout this document. Why would or should nations consider coming together in this way? In order to create a prosperous and successful economic world for all nations, all of their citizens, all of the time, not just for some of them, and in hit and miss ways that constantly fluctuate, going up and down at all times -- with characteristics within these cycles called by many names, such as "Boom & Bust", "Good Times & Bad Times", "Recessions", "Depressions", "Inflation & Deflation", and so on. The "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" that I'm proposing on this web site is the place for us to start getting "United" in discussing all of these things. Please do what you can to help get this forum started for humanity in every nation.


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