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(22) May 16, 2003: To continue with what I said in the second half of the above item, number (21), I ask everyone to carefully think about, consider, and ponder over what I point out in this item, especially the experts, scholars, and critics who might say that what I'm proposing for the world to do is not sound because we would simply be creating money by printing it, backed up by nothing.

With that said, and in case you don't remember, here's what I said in the second paragraph of the "HOW, WHEN, AND FOR WHAT REASONS DOES MONEY COME INTO EXISTENCE?" section, the first one after the Introductory section of this document (it's based on my own thoughts and what "The History Channel" said about how money comes into existence; and when I watched the show and heard what they said, I realized that it fit very nicely with my economic vision for humanity, which first came to me at the beginning of 1980):

I could be wrong, but it seems clear to me that in every nation, no matter what all the particular ground rules are, new money is simply printed and/or added to the various economic systems by being written on to paper and computer ledger sheets by both governments and banks, national and international, whenever needed by them. Like I said, I could be wrong, but I say it in this particular way because it was spoken of in the summary and conclusion of a television show that I saw on "The History Channel" about gold, where it was said that money is, to paraphrase them, at this point in history, only backed up by intangible things like goodwill, trust, creditability, stability, dependability, and so on. Therefore, the vision that I keep seeing, grounded in the very important subject of what actually backs money up, is guiding us to use this already existing and accepted foundational method in order to finally solve all of our existing and long-standing economic problems, and all of the individual and social ills that grow out of them.

This entire proposal points to how we can have our money created in a whole new way, and in a way that would fit very nicely with what is said above, about how it is backed up, and because of this how this one currency for everything that I am proposing would be "naturally loved and highly respected by everyone", everywhere.

My dear brothers and sisters everywhere on our planet, let's not continue to be an unwise civilization of nations that keeps harming itself, and so many billions of its citizens, because we insist on basing all of our economies on flawed and foolish economic policies and theories about how, when, and for what reasons money comes into existence. A wise planetary civilization, especially one that has had for a long time, like our world, the hard experience of a monetary (money) system that doesn't work well enough to naturally deter the enormous number of problems that we have always had, and still have, and which problems seem to keep increasing, only because of not having enough money to pay for things, no matter how much citizens are taxed, will set up its monetary system, its very important medium of exchange, only in such a way that always facilitates and makes sure that all of these horrible things can't happen.

Like what sorts of "horrible things"? Just for example, like so much poverty everywhere, at so many different levels of it; so many people who work but who are still poor; homeless people everywhere; so many people without health care; so much unemployment; so many mentally ill and physically disabled people who are not well cared for; children starving all over the world; children who can't get an education at every level, right on up to and including college; senior citizens who can't get everything that they need in the way of health care, prescription medication, housing, food, and so on; governments at every level that can't find anywhere near enough money to finance and pay for all that needs to be done for the people in their communities, as well as for the many important facets of their physical infrastructures, like sewerage systems, water facilities, highways, power plants; as well as public transportation, police, hospitals, schools, teachers, and on and on. So much of the infrastructure of cities, as well as their public services, are always way behind the amount of what is really needed, not up to newer technology, as well as so much of it is always falling apart because not enough maintenance can ever be afforded. Let me stop and leave the hundreds if not thousands of other things that we suffer with as a civilization in each nation for each person to continue thinking about and listing.

If we eventually do change our monetary system to the one that I'm proposing on this web site, we will always be able to pay for everything that we need and need to do that falls on the "Public Enterprise" side of the equation -- and which allows governments to do so without taxation of any kind burdening anyone.

If you at least agree that this "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" that I'm calling for to be created should come on the scene, so that people in every nation can seriously discuss all of these issues, in the very bright blaze of the world-wide public spotlight, and so that the many people who are much wiser than me can take all of these starting-ideas that I have so far presented in this document on this web site, and make it all even much better than what I have envisioned, as well as covering so many other things, please do what you can to help this become a public issue for humanity, as I keep calling for.


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