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(2) January 6, 2003: Some random thoughts (starting-ideas for you to consider, ponder over, improve upon, and expand on) concerning money as envisioned by me in the unfinished proposal that you have so far read on this web site:

(a) The goal is to end up with one world-wide currency, not different money in each nation with constantly changing values. Why? So that it always stays very stable because it is naturally loved and highly respected by everyone because of the very practical, productive, all-encompassing, problem-solving, humanity-helpful way that it comes into existence in the same exact way in every single nation.

(b) This currency should not in any way be dependent on any "Private Enterprise" businesses, banks, or some of the rich people of the world backing it up in any way, such as by giving it any sort of OK, or not, if that is even a dynamic that ever comes into play with currencies now. Nor should it be dependent on the endless ups and downs of "Private Enterprise" businesses, large or small, local or international.

(c) It should always maintain the same exact value worldwide, with all existing money to be eventually traded in for this one world-wide currency so that no one loses in any way -- meaning at a value at maybe the then-highest valued one on the announcement date in order to facilitate this changeover worldwide, which needs to be done just one time in order to satisfy and serve humanity well (this would be a good tradeoff and dynamic that helps it to happen). Or maybe it should be based on the then-current different value of each currency at the time that the trade-in is announced worldwide -- no matter when after that date and announcement any currency happens to actually be traded in by anyone, irregardless of how long it takes them.

(d) If some people choose to continue for a while to use some of the old currencies in doing any kind of small or large private and/or "Private Enterprise" transactions, so what! -- it won't in any way hurt or disrupt the world which has come together in this new and improved way. This whole new way to operate is to make sure that our world-wide civilization can always work well from the money and currency point of view -- and not breed any form of involuntary poverty while always allowing civilization to accomplish everything that is most important.

(e) This way of operating will never hurt the overall world-wide population, and the economy of every nation, no matter what happens to particular businesses winning or losing, or their executives trying to cheat and scam their stockholders; and the ups and downs in the stock market will never cause a major crisis of any kind to the overall world-wide economy: "Public & Private Enterprise" goes on in a "Steady as she goes" way no matter what -- in service to humanity as a whole -- even while some people and companies cheat and disrupt their particular businesses, customers, and stockholders until they are caught.

(f) The overall goal is to make sure that the world works well at all times, everywhere. We will be creating an economic system where the world (meaning every nation) always does well and is very stable no matter the ups and downs in particular businesses, the stock markets, what products are manufactured, or not; exported, imported, or not; etc., etc.

(g) The current stock market system is no better than a gambling casino -- even more so now with on-line trading on the internet. Many more people than before are just going in and out, buying and selling, very quickly, which is just betting, not really and truly investing in companies. This is not a wise or dependable piece of the overall economic foundation for an international currency like the one that I'm proposing to sit on -- long and hard experience by the world proves this. We need a sure and rock-solid "Steady as she goes" foundational system for money, no matter what businesses do and no matter all of the gambling, investing, cheating, inside information, insider trading, and scamming that goes on in the stock markets of the world.


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