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(18) March 12, 2003 [rewritten on March 14, 2003]: This item is presented simply to paint a food-for-thought picture, and is offered as just one very important example, about how free (or not) so many presently-poor nations really are to express themselves 100% honestly in a time of crisis in the world: such as whether or not to vote on going to war when the most powerful nation on the face of the earth -- both militarily and economically -- is calling for it very strongly and is trying to raise support for it in the United Nations Security Council.

With every nation always very prosperous, as they definitely will be if the world eventually goes this "Public & Private Enterprise" route, all nations will be able to truly hold to their real convictions at all times when they are, as in the present most urgent business of the U.N. Security Council (or in any other international or regional alliances or forums that they are members of), being pressured to vote on going to war. Why? Because the present "Carrot & Stick" strategy and method of offering help that has existed in the world for so long now (like the United States may be doing in trying to sway them to vote the way it wants them to concerning Iraq), when it comes to poor nations who desperately need financial aid, won't be effective any more -- this is a method where the possible bottom line is that if they don't vote the way the United States wants and needs them to, then there is a good chance that they won't get the financial help and other forms of aid that they so desperately need.

This is often the present way that the world works in the realm of economics concerning money. If it's going on, is this really the way that the world should continue to operate? To me, it's extremely sad, ignorant, as well as obscene (if it's going on) to try and buy and sell, so to say, or ignore the needs of, poor nations in these particular financial ways. This is just another strong reason, and a wise, moral, and ethical one at that, why every nation in the world should join together and get the proposed "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" started, so that everything that is presented on this web site, which is offered as starting ideas to help get it all going, can be steadily studied and discussed, and then implemented in the wisest ways that a "United" humanity can conceive of.


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