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(13) February 11, 2003 [rewritten on February 12, 2003]: Our world-wide monetary system, which is our very important man-made "medium of exchange" (our money), is the currency that we can choose to create, back up, and use in any way that we collectively want to. And we can do this either wisely or unwisely. So far, sadly and unfortunately, we have done this very unwisely as a civilization. The never-ending horrible, undependable, and unstable economic conditions of the world proves this. We desperately need to fix the system in order to finally be able to wisely facilitate and spur all trade, development, and social advancement in ways that absolutely make sure that no portion of humanity unnecessarily suffers, ever, and that everything that is most important in each and every nation can be paid for in the way proposed in this document (used as a starting idea for all of us to work together on in the "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum"). Why? So that our planetary civilization can once and for all finally come to work in a way that naturally helps all of humanity, in every nation, to always and easily be able to do whatever is necessary to make sure that our children, our senior citizens, our sick, our disabled, and everyone else, have every opportunity to live and work in a wise, loving, caring, prosperous, and just economic world of opportunity, peace, and plenty, from the cradle to the grave -- and no matter what all of the other problems that we have to one day solve are, such as hatreds based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or national origin. An all-encompassing, "one for all and all for one", good and effective world-wide economic system, such as the one proposed, will always naturally help to steadily lessen the overall suffering, stress, and social discord that so much constant world-wide poverty and economic injustice keeps contributing to these other sad human-relations problems.

With that said, which world-wide media company will come forward for the sake of humanity and provide, on a regular basis, the very first forum on television in order for this "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" to finally have its start and its ongoing day in the sun -- in the very bright blaze of the world-wide public spotlight, so that it has a chance to grow, develop, and do its natural humanity-helping thing? This international project needs such a company.

On an individual note, are you such a famous person, or do you know such a person, a well-known music superstar, movie superstar, sports superstar, business superstar, political superstar, scientific superstar, religious superstar, talk-show superstar, or past or present star or superstar in any other field -- with a social conscience -- whom you can point this project to who would maybe want to get together with other such stars and superstars in order to help champion and get this proposal going by bringing it into the public consciousness in every nation? This international project needs such people.

I most humbly encourage everyone to do your best to try and bring this project to the attention of such people and companies, as first mentioned in this last paragraph of the "SPREADING THE WORD" section.


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