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(12) February 8, 2003: I was thinking that a large business, or any combination of businesses working together, or a world-wide media company, might want to bolster its presence in each and every nation in the world, and seeing this as a charitable way to do it, would promote and finance getting a university group or some other combination of people and groups in each country to get involved. An ideal subsidy would provide the means of communication (such as computers with associated equipment and the funding to maintain an internet web site) in order for each group to represent the project in this "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" in each individual nation and link it to all others. As a beginning, perhaps organizations in three arenas of society could be funded, such as a university group, a religious organization, and a regular non-profit organization that serves the people in some way.

As far as the possible costs of doing this worldwide by a commercial corporation, charitable foundation, or even a wealthy individual, here are some numbers, used just as an example if this were the average donated budget each year. These figures are inclusive of both the start-up and the ongoing expenses for each of the three groups in each nation, using 200 nations as a round figure just to show the possible numbers needed to be donated each year for the operating expenses of the 600 groups:

A $1,000 donation to each group x 3 groups x 200 nations = $600,000.
A $2,000 donation to each group x 3 groups x 200 nations = $1,200,000.
A $3,000 donation to each group x 3 groups x 200 nations = $1,800,000.
A $4,000 donation to each group x 3 groups x 200 nations = $2,400,000.
A $5,000 donation to each group x 3 groups x 200 nations = $3,000,000.
A $10,000 donation to each group x 3 groups x 200 nations = $6,000,000.
...And so on with these examples.

Any one of these examples is well within the means of many corporations, charitable foundations, and wealthy individuals in the world. Through such contributions the donors would generate much good will internationally, as well as receiving the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing to the betterment of society and doing important charitable work. And putting the above specific examples aside, any number of large contributors could simply finance any number of groups that they want to, more or less than the above examples, in any number of the same or different cities, and in any number of nations.

Even though the above contributing examples are for large organizations and wealthy individuals, any person, small business, small non-profit organization, religious group, etc., could donate whatever is necessary in order to get just one or more groups going in their own particular local community.

Please remember that I'm not in any way personally asking for any money, but that any one who gets involved in this would be donating and/or paying directly for the computer equipment and internet connection expenses which are necessary for each group that wants to enter the project in their particular community and be part of the "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" network. Hopefully this would grow to be a very large international network, that is made up of such groups in each and every small or large village, town, and city in every state of every nation in the world. And each group's web site should also be done in their own languages (and wherever possible, if wanted, also have English and other language versions on it). And each web site should probably also have a public discussion-group area on it.


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