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(11) February 2, 2003 [rewritten on February 4, 2003]: Dear reader: For the sake of all the children in the world, if you've read this document up to this point, and think that what is presented here is worthwhile for every nation in the world to at least get involved in discussing, this 11th item is simply a plea that is asking you to consider getting involved a little. How? By playing your most needed small or large part by doing your best to spread the word in your nation about the proposal on this web site.

In addition to the huge number of other ways in which humanity needlessly suffers, simply because of things that fall under the subjects of economics and the lack of decent jobs and enough money for individuals, families, and their governments, every time I think about the horrible conditions of just the children in the world, in both rich and poor nations, such as the tens of millions (or is it hundreds of millions?) of children who are starving, or if not starving, are always hungry; the children who live in the deepest poverty in so many nations; the children who have to go to work each day begging on the streets in order to help their families survive; the children who can't get a decent education at every level, if they even get any; the children with HIV/AIDS and/or other diseases and health problems who can't get the health-care and medicines that they need; the children who are orphans because of wars; the children who are, for so many other reasons, orphans, homeless, and who roam the streets of this world begging and stealing in order to survive; the children used as slaves, whether through straight-out abduction, or simply because their mothers and fathers had to desperately sell them into slavery in order to receive a little money to feed, for a little while, the rest of the family; the children used as factory workers; the children used to fight and kill as soldiers; and on and on in so many other ways in which all of this ignorant, needless, and unjust human suffering goes on, I find it hard to believe that if people in every nation came to at least know about this very do-able, practical, and problem-solving way that the world could fairly quickly adjust itself to, in the way that it collectively makes money (the important medium of exchange for a civilization) come into existence, that the great majority of the people, in every nation, wouldn't do whatever is peacefully necessary to make this a subject that is well-known and constantly spoken of in the world-wide public dialogue.

With all that said, I ask you to consider getting involved by helping to spread the word about this mostly-unknown economic proposal. How? By letting your family and friends know about it, as well as people in the media (both print and electronic), people in politics, in think tanks, in labor organizations, in religious organizations, in non-profit organizations, in the United Nations, in NGO's, in the educational arena, and on and on -- and even average people and high-ranking executives who either own and/or help run both large and small businesses and corporations in the world of "Private Enterprise".

Why contact commercial corporations? Because the interrelated world of commercial business, inclusive, among other things, of trade, markets, labor, consumers, entertainment, advertising, and shopping, is the already-existing half of the "wise marriage" that is encouraged to come together in the new and improved "Public & Private Enterprise" economic process that this proposal is all about, and which, if brought together into this new reality concerning how money is created and brought into existence, and which is also fairly easy to organize and do once agreed upon and approved by the nations of the world, would do great wonders for the world of business on a regular and non-stop basis, as explained throughout the document that you are reading here.

And it will naturally do all this, create this overall winning economic dynamic for humanity, while also naturally solving and eliminating so many of the horrible man-made problems that we the people of the world are forced to naturally suffer with (such as the many-faceted horror that we have created for the children of our world), simply because of the existing very shortsighted and unstable foundational way in which all of the economic things that we do sit (or ride) on. Our civilization's economic foundation, its economic heart, which naturally beats either smoothly or erratically based on how, and for what reasons, money is allowed to come into existence in the first place, is running on mistaken and flawed ideas and policies, and because of this is naturally and constantly erratic and very undependable -- actually very dangerous and heartless, so to say, even if not purposely meant to be by any of the scholars and experts who consider the existing methods and theories, that now guide the entire world-wide economic process, to be the be-all and the end-all, the best and most perfect way, of how it should all be done.

The system needs to be fixed in the proposed way so that it can constantly run very smoothly and hum along serving all of humanity well, not just portions of humanity here and there, in longer and shorter cycles, until even those so-called good parts of the economic process that some nations and people experience for a while wear out and run into trouble -- as they constantly do because of the underlying nature of how it all works, and recessions, depressions, and "hard-times" are on the scene even among those relatively-few who are not used to it on a regular basis, like most of humanity experiences at all times.

Please get involved! If for no other reason, and there are so many others, DO IT FOR ALL THE CHILDREN who are now alive and for all those children who keep coming into the world! Get involved and let your political leaders, your educators, all the scholars and the experts, the world-wide media, and your friends, relatives, associates and other fellow citizens, know of this web site and the proposed "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" that every nation should get involved with! For some additional ideas on this subject, as a reminder, here are the links up to the "HOW DO WE ORGANIZE OURSELVES INTO A WORLD-WIDE MOVEMENT?" section and the "SPREADING THE WORD" section that you've already read in this document.


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