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(10) January 31, 2003 [rewritten on February 1, 2003]: Continuing on with what was spoken of above in number (9), to also be used as starting-ideas to ponder over, work with, develop further, and improve upon, please keep in mind the following very important set of dynamics: The way I see it, the mass exodus of citizens from every nation that is run by cruel and oppressive tyrants and dictators will be no financial problem and hardship for other nations, as it often is now, no matter how the people managed to get out of their own countries, either on their own or with the help of many types of "Underground Railroad" groups (as some groups were called who helped slaves in the United States, in the 19th century, to get from the south to the north of the country). Why? Because they will be welcomed in other countries, to live either permanently or temporarily, and will get jobs working in either the "Public Enterprise" or in the "Private Enterprise" sectors, or in both, and as they choose. They will even be able to pick and choose which nation they want to finally get to. Why? Because it will all simply be a humanitarian "Public Enterprise" project, fully financed by the new-money-issuing authority, in order to, besides saving the people from such horrible and difficult lives, hopefully also strategically leave the tyrants and the dictators with empty or almost-empty nations to rule over. Then when each of them and their cronies are finally convinced to voluntarily leave the particular nations that they forcefully ruled over, either by their own choices or because the international community of nations, backed up by international "Public Enterprise" forums, law courts, and similar legal systems, along with massive world-wide public opinion in general, convinced them to do so, all the people who then want to can decide to return to their particular nations for the rebuilding phases, also publicly paid for if and when necessary, and maybe even depending on the financial condition at the time of each and every person who wants to return to their native country -- since many, if not all, will have already become well enough off financially to then easily be able to pay for their own and their family's return and resettling expenses. This very wise and loving way for the world to operate is just another strong example to show how the new money that would be created in a world with just one currency for everything would be "naturally loved and highly respected by everyone", everywhere. The bottom-line is this: The world always keeps getting richer and richer for the "Private Enterprise" side of the equation to work with by financing everything of most importance on the "Public Enterprise" side of the equation.


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