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(1) January 5, 2003: Some additional thoughts to consider about the "new-money-issuing" authority idea, the "worldwide central mission control aspect" to all this that would most likely have its "Public Enterprise" headquarters located in one nation. Besides this home office, so to say, it might be best if every nation in the world also had a sort of watch-dog authority, a committee located in each nation that would be made up of one voting member from each and every country, and their staffs. Each nation's committee would be authorized to have the same number and kinds of staff members, all who live and work in the particular country that they are assigned to, paid with new "Public Enterprise" money each week, until each person is rotated out of the particular nation that they are working in by their own nation and replaced with another person to do the same job. Why have such a committee in each nation? In order to evaluate and approve, based on what is authorized by the international home office, all "Public Enterprise" projects to be funded -- and in such a way as to make sure that paychecks are honestly and directly paid to all "Public Enterprise" workers, and so that all the "Private Enterprise" commercial suppliers of goods and services are only paid for actually doing and providing whatever was contracted for, in order to keep it all honest and above-board and as free from any sort of corruption as is possible in each and every nation.


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