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The specific ways to go about this are probably endless in the details as to the best methods to use. So it will be wise to conclude, especially since there is no precedent in all of recorded history for this, I think, that any way that is eventually accepted as the best initial way to go should steadily be altered, adjusted, and improved as better and better ways are thought of and proposed, based on what we actually experience, firsthand, in all quarters.

I will start us off here with just one possible method for us to consider, and try to keep developing and improving it as best I can. This particular method has a world-wide central mission control aspect to it, an international department for the issuing of all new money for both startup and existing and ongoing "Public Enterprises" in every nation, which, as said, includes the funding of the government of each nation, under a system that is standard throughout the world, and which is accepted by all of the governments and their people in the world. It should be something more or less like any particular senate or congress, or world body, where each and every nation in the world, no matter how small or large, is equally represented, and whose votes are always equal, with none having any more power than any of the others.

In this vision, proposals for new "Public Enterprises" will always be submitted to this international body, from everywhere -- from the government of the smallest town to the largest nation in the world, and all governments in between, after, maybe, for example, a small town's proposal for the funding of a needed project, after it has first planned and worked out the details in its own community, has then been approved by the state it is in, then by the nation it is a part of, and then sent to the world body for final approval and the creation of the new money so that the proposed project can be quickly funded and can begin being created.

Hopefully people in the committees that I propose should come together in each nation will begin to submit ideas to improve this particular way, as well as submit alternate ways to go about this.

Before I go too much further, let me say that everyone should keep in mind, at all times, when evaluating this whole new way to do things, especially those who now own businesses, large and small, anywhere in the world, that all new money that constantly enters the world-wide system through productive and needed "Public Enterprise" activities really enters and circulates throughout the whole world-wide "Private Enterprise" system, right from the start. Why? How? Because everything, from payroll at every level, which includes, just as any other enterprise needs, planners, consultants, experts and executives, as well as all of the workers at every level of job skill and activity, from the most skilled scientists and technicians to teachers, secretaries, drivers, maintenance workers, etc., same as in private enterprise, is spent in the "Private Enterprise" side of the equation. And all of the construction within "Public Enterprise" is contracted through and done by "Private Enterprise" businesses, who are paid for doing it, same as always, and all of the needed and necessary supplies and equipment are bought from private enterprises too, and so on.

We now begin to see how we can, if we choose to as a world, after a long and intensive public dialogue, worldwide, quickly evolve to be a world that is always "awash" in money and productive doing, rather than the reverse as we now experience it -- you know, where we can never pay for everything important that we desperately need and need to do and change, even though we know how to do what needs to be done. As I see it, we are always back to square one, to the very basic and crucial question of: HOW, WHEN, AND FOR WHAT REASONS DOES MONEY COME INTO EXISTENCE? This is where our most important and basic roadblock is and will continue to be; this is what we must deeply, and all together, think about, evaluate, discuss, plan, and try to solve, in order to finally be able to collectively decide to go this new "Public & Private Enterprise" route. As I said at the beginning of this, concerning how money now comes into existence, it is most obvious that whatever way it is officially done by governments, and agreed upon by others, or that governments allow it to be done by some major banking institutions, in the present world-wide economic dynamics, "Private Enterprise", as the world knows, through centuries and millenniums of hard experience, with most people in the world suffering day to day, year to year, century to century, and with wars being frequent and dependable outcomes of past and present existing social and economic systems, none of it even comes close to solving the major problems of every kind in the world. So keep all this in mind as you, and all of us in every nation, watch this project develop, and constantly work together, as a "United" people and world, on evaluating it in the public dialogue, and in the very bright blaze of the world-wide public spotlight.


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