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First let me make sure that it's clear that the vision includes, at all times, the financing, right up to the very maximum of whatever investment is needed for all "Public Enterprises", whenever "Private Enterprise" can't, won't, or shouldn't do it, in every single category and problem to be worked on, worldwide. This includes, just for example now, even though every possible thing that I leave out here is covered, the payroll for all of the staff, no matter how many people are needed, at every job and skill level, for all of the departments and projects needed in order to work on the solving of each problem; all of the equipment, no matter how sophisticated and expensive; all of the construction of buildings and infrastructure; all of the supplies of every kind; all of the experts and consultants; and so on and on. As said earlier, even though we know how to do almost everything, and could already solve a great many if not all of our major problems within the various economic and social systems, worldwide, we just can't pay for all that humanity needs done in the most important areas. If the system envisioned is ever put in place, after a world-wide dialogue carried on in order to understand and refine it, then it will be a whole new world-wide economic ball game -- one where everything we need can be paid for.

A few samples of the endless things that will easily be able to be financed; and the things that people will easily be able to pay for:

(1) Feeding everyone in the world with a full and healthy diet of their choice -- and not in free soup kitchens because people are starving and desperate, or in any other types of emergency free give-away programs anymore, but simply because everyone can easily pay their own way because they have the means to, as they are productive citizens of the community, working in the "Public Enterprise" sector, or in the "Private Enterprise" sector, or in both.

(2) The best education for every person on the planet, at every level of schooling; and after the highest possible caliber of youthful basic education provided, that each of us needs at the beginning of our lives, then always making a "choice" from thousands of fields of education and training for just the careers that we each want to enter into (and with re-education available at all times, whenever wanted and needed). And the constant funding and construction of all the superior school buildings that are necessary, as well as the highest caliber of maintenance and upkeep of all existing school buildings at all times.

(3) The best health care in the world, at all times, in every way, including preventative care, for everyone. And every single disease in the world, no matter how rare and/or difficult, being fully staffed and worked on to develop medicines and cures and equipment. Not one to be left less than absolutely fully funded, no matter how much is needed for staff, facilities, equipment, and supplies -- with all of the professionals and technicians working in the special fields of their choice.

(4) Good homes and apartments in the world for everyone to live in.

(5) The best health care, the best services, and the best living conditions for all senior citizens in the world -- both in or out, as the case may be for each person, of the family and home environment.

(6) All of the police, fire, and emergency people and departments that are needed; as well as all of the necessary buildings, equipment, and supplies.

(7) The best education, counseling, and job training for our prison population, in a truly caring way, so that as many men and women as possible re-enter society fully transformed and ready when their terms have been served.

(8) Every important science and medical research project funded and equipped right up to the maximum that is needed at all times; and fully staffed with the best minds and technicians who want to work in each particular field.

(9) Funding everything that is needed to develop all of the new sources of energy, especially solar energy, and build the systems that deliver all of these innovations to us, so that we can replace our world-wide dependence on oil, which is severely polluting our planet -- and always funding and building as many power plants that are necessary to more than meet the needs of the world at any given time. And whenever better technology is developed, easily funding and building the new power plants and systems, while wisely phasing out the technically-outdated ones.

(10) Quickly funding every single plan and project that every single community in the world, from the largest cities down to the smallest towns and villages, votes on and decides that it needs for the well-being of its citizens, its public institutions, and every aspect of the physical infrastructure of the community itself.

(11) Another major ingredient within this overall vision, is that every single idea, plan, proposal, scheme, aspiration for a new project, business, invention, innovation, and so on, by anyone, looking to be developed and brought into existence, will have two ways to approach the funding of it: Either by the "Public Enterprise" system of the city, state, nation, or the whole world, after either or all of these public entities analyze and finally vote on it, or as has always been the way, due to the nature of the project that is looking for funding, has to find its start through the "Private Enterprise" system, or simply not come into existence. The bottom line is that some things will naturally fall within the boundaries of "Public Enterprise", while other things will naturally fall within the boundaries of "Private Enterprise", and some will even fall within both. For example: When "Private Enterprise" funds all that it can, or all that it wants to, of a project that is very important to the well-being of humanity, whether local or universal, and the planetary environment itself, leaving a whole lot more that is needed unfunded, then "Public Enterprise" simply steps in and wisely and easily funds the rest.

(12) Every single community in the world, no matter how small and/or remote, will be able to have as many skilled and qualified doctors to serve it as are necessary, both in private doctor's offices, and in well-equipped, supplied, and staffed hospitals and/or clinics, as well as doctors always making house calls to every home that needs to be called upon in this way. And every person with a horrible disease, such as HIV/AIDS, will get all of the medicine and health care that they need, as early as possible, so that they suffer as little as possible, and so that diseases like this do not get a chance to spread out of control and become major epidemics, anywhere, as this one has, simply because they were ignored because of lack of funds in the early stages.

(13) Every single natural disaster in the world, due to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, avalanches, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, and so on, will be easily and quickly dealt with by "Public Enterprise" in whatever massive way is necessary and no matter what the cost is.

(14) Every important and necessary project to both protect and clean up our common planetary environment of earth, air, and water, all-inclusive of everything having to do with Global Warming, and to protect our wildlife and endangered species, will always be able to be funded, anywhere in the world, right up to the maximum that is needed.

(15) Every nation in the world will be able to fully finance, no matter how expensive and ongoing, in every community, its Homeland Security program, doing everything that is possible and necessary in order to both try to prevent, and prepare for, any chemical, biological, or nuclear threats from terrorism, as well as suicide bombings and aircraft takeovers.

(16) Every nation, state, and city in the world, right down to the smallest communities, will be able to build and maintain, at all times, all of the necessary public transportation systems, as well as roads and highways, and will always be able to keep up with the growing needs for all of these, well in advance.

(17) ...and so on and on.


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