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Since new money, and money already in circulation, is backed up by nothing tangible, like gold (which didn't even seem to work well for the world when it was the backup standard for money), why not, once and for all, in wise, loving, and practical service to humanity, after a world-wide public dialogue on the subject, finally put a very dynamically-useful, permanent, and stable system in place, one where new money is constantly created and backed up, not by minerals, which don't think, feel, and suffer, but only by all of the important DOING by humanity?

The "Public & Private Enterprise" proposal that I have offered here, a starting-idea to help get us thinking and working together, in every nation, is, as has been laid out, a method of operating that can make the entire world-wide economic system steadily, smoothly, and consistently work to benefit all of humanity because all of the most important, necessary, needed, and productive activities in every nation, on the "Public Enterprise" side of the equation, are the only things that would keep bringing new money into existence. Everyone on the planet would then know for sure, whenever they happen to think about it, how and why their own money, as well as everyone else's, came into existence; and that the entire "Private Enterprise" system was a close and friendly partner with the "Public Enterprise" system -- and was actually being funded by it, non-stop. Poverty, economic boom-and-bust cycles, recessions and depressions, all of it, would be things of the past on the entire planet.

Finally: I feel confident that I have at least been on the right track for humanity with the vision that I live with, since the bottom line, so far, is always this: That no matter what anyone says, no matter how scholarly it sounds and is, because based on the way things are done now, the condition of the never-ending poverty and discord in the world proves that we desperately need to find ways of operating that work much better in the realms of poverty; in how to have world-wide economic success; in how, when, and for what reasons money comes into existence; with what backs it up; and so on. I also have a very firm conviction that completely solving our economic problems, once and for all, worldwide, would naturally go a very long way in helping us to truly begin to solve many of the other very important problems that we have, such as racial, ethnic, gender, religious, and national-origin hatreds.


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