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How? In every possible communications way that you can think of, such as: Speaking of it in chat rooms and discussion groups on the internet, and also when calling in to talk radio shows; writing a letter and sending a copy of this web site, at whatever stage of development it happens to be in on any given day, or e-mailing a letter and a link to this web site to, for example: your family, friends, and work associates; to some of your local and national government officials; to some of your local and national newspapers, columnists, magazines, TV news shows, and 24 hour TV news channels; to teachers, fellow students, and college professors whom you know; to your college newspaper and the economics department; to think tanks; to some of the member nations and the many departments within the United Nations (U.N.); to some of the non-profit organizations in the world that you are a member of, or that you contribute to, who are working hard, in whatever way, on every severe social problem, be it housing, food, poverty, health care, children, and on and on and on into the many different categories of human suffering and social injustice.

Here's a rough draft of a Letter to the Student-Editors of College Newspapers that I'm working on, but would like some help with in composing, in order to make it much better before I start sending it out, little by little. (ALERT: I rewrote some of it on February 7, 2006.)

The word can also be passed to humanity, in every nation, if as many people as possible who have home pages or web sites on the internet would put a link to this page under a lead-in sentence or paragraph heading to it that they compose; or if they want to, introduce the link to it by only using excerpts of what is already written on it; or combine their own ideas with bits and pieces of things said from this page. The same goes for the web sites of all media and government organizations and departments; as well as non-profit organizations, colleges, corporations, and on and on with every other kind of web site.

And in case you feel that you need a clear and honest kind of a statement (or a disclaimer) that you can use in explaining your, or your organization's, or your nation's reasons or motives for providing a link to this project in your comments leading into the link, if they are more or less the same please feel free to compose some of the introductory comments that you make using and quoting all or parts of this exact copy of a paragraph that is found in the introductory section at the beginning of this document:

Please be assured that I do not ask anyone to absolutely understand, approve, or support everything about this economic proposal at this early stage, but simply, after reading and considering it, to support a worldwide public dialogue and analysis of it over a long period of time. For now, until it gets going, and then is maybe named something else by a group of us, I call it the "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum".

If you do put a link to this web site on your, or your organization's, or your nation's web site, and/or on your home page, with whatever introductory comments that you lead into it with, please let me know (only if you want to, of course) so that I can list it on this page of Web Sites & Home Pages That Provide Links to This Site and provide a link to the page that you have it on -- the same goes for any other permanent link, or commentary, or article that you may provide in order to help point people to this project.

I am doing some of the things that I have suggested and hope that you and many others will do, in order to try, as best that I can, to help get this to be a subject that is known far and wide, so that it, at least, has a chance to be evaluated by as much of humanity as is possible, over a long period of time, and so that it eventually reaches a point when it is always one of the main subjects that are in the world-wide public consciousness, because it is constantly looked into, written about, and spoken of by government leaders, scholars, and experts of all types and in all fields, and covered by the media. Hopefully many of you will be inspired by what you have read of the plan, up to the present point of its development, to do a little something to get this all going. If we all do a little, a lot can be accomplished in the long run.

And on a much larger and grander note: It is very much encouraged, and hoped for, that many billionaires, millionaires, stars, and superstars in every field of human activity; TV and movie producers; publishers; charitable and philanthropic foundations; lovers and servers of humanity, will be inspired to come together and form a super-rich entity (in financial terms, organizational skills, and all kinds of technical know-how and support) that will in every conceivable communications way put this new "Public & Private Enterprise" plan and proposal before the whole world in a non-stop educational way, in service to humanity. Out of all the things and projects that are privately financed in this world, in order to try and help our suffering humanity, surely this very important one also deserves to be financed and have its day in the sun for humanity to open-mindedly consider. So form foundations to raise the funds to create TV stations, cable channels, and educational projects and forums where it can be discussed; and even movies can be made that envision a world operating under this new economic system, as well as books written and published. (Please rest assured that I am not in any way suggesting or asking anyone here to offer me money to start a foundation, but simply asking others to do this.)


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