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Since I'm not a scholar, but consider myself very prepared, having had, so far, over 32 years of steadily thinking about this and pondering over it, and the many issues that would need to be addressed, I am ready to, in a friendly, informative, and give-and-take way, speak with everyone -- meaning ordinary citizens like myself, as well as people in the media, world leaders, politicians, scholars, economists, educators, experts, and so on; and who are either friendly or unfriendly to the "Public & Private Enterprise" plan and proposal, or who are just plain curious, but wide-open-minded.

And since I'm also a pretty good public speaker, I am available to any and all groups, both large and small, in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area, free of charge, to speak of this and to answer questions in a free-flow, public dialogue way, with no time constraints as to how long any sessions might go on (from my point of view, at this beginning stage). And this no-fee-required-or-wanted speaking way will always be the case, since this definitely is not a business venture for me. Just write, call, or e-mail me and we can get started. The bottom line is that I know that I can speak on this issue in the endless ways that are necessary on a public platform, but for some reason, other than what I have so far written in this document, I can't seem to write down most of the thousands of other things that I always think about.

I also hope that someone, or some group, or even a mixed group, from any or all of the colleges in this area, from the media, from the government, from the United Nations (U.N.), and so on with many other groups, will come forward to spend time with me and talk and question me on the endless possible details that humanity has to consider, and which I have thought about for so many years in so many ways. I do need people who are much more educated and skilled than myself to draw these things out of me. As said in the Organizing section, the one before this one, I can be a useful cog in the wheel in all of this, but others who are much more skilled than me will have to actually professionally write down what we all come up with, based on the basic starting point that I have so far presented on this web site. I will continue to add new things here as I can, but what I have spoken of in this section, and in the one just before it, is what is really needed.

In the Fall of 2005 I was so very fortunate to be allowed to give a free 3-day workshop on three consecutive Saturday's (October 22nd, October 29th, and November 5th) at the Baltimore Free University at Johns Hopkins University in order to begin to try and get this Movement going for humanity in the Baltimore, Maryland region that I live in here in the United States. It was entitled "Envisioning The End To Worldwide Poverty". You can read a little about it in this link to my "Flyer" page.


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