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First let me start off by quoting what I said at the beginning: "Because this is a project that, for the sake of humanity, needs every nation, or at least many nations, to become involved with it, each nation should assign at least a small committee of scholars, teachers, experts, and visionaries to help develop it, and to promote its existence."

And outside of the government committees, so that people everywhere can encourage, support, and assist them, we should, if possible, also create some kind of an organized working-together world-wide public forum, with representatives from every single nation on the planet involved in local branches, from both the private and the government sectors, in order to explore everything related to this initial vision of mine: to share ideas, to develop, improve, and expand it, and to schedule meetings, both electronic and in actual physical locations.

And local branches in every nation should also collect signatures, on petitions that they compose, from as many citizens as possible who want to help encourage their national government, their leaders, their elected representatives, and their nation's various United Nations (U.N.) organizations to get involved in this world-wide public forum and dialogue.

I must admit that I have absolutely no organizing know-how or abilities -- all I have is this overall vision; but I am confident that I can always play a useful part when we are exploring, discussing, nit-picking, and brainstorming every aspect of it, as we become an organized world-wide Movement. So those of you who know how to help us do this, and who want to, please come forward and help organize us.


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