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No one will ever be unemployed if they do not want to be. They will always have the opportunity and the choice to be employed in either of the two economic systems that completely complement one another: "Public Enterprise" and "Private Enterprise". No one can, should, or will ever be left out; and easily going back and forth from one system to the other, or even working in both systems, whenever necessary and/or desired, is part of all this. This even includes the employment at all times of the elderly and the disabled who need to work in order to have enough money to easily pay their bills and live decent, worthwhile, and honorable lives; and the paycheck for each of them who choose to or need to work in the "Public Enterprise" sector in this way, will be just as much as a person gets who is doing something similar in that sector, even if their physical and mental condition naturally forces or limits them to work a lot less hours and days than another person who is in better shape. This is both a practical and a loving new way to do things in the envisioned "One for all and all for one" system, worldwide.

For example, the following ways of thinking and doing, among many others, from the local as well as from the world-community's point of view, are part of the vision: If you are a person whose mental and physical condition naturally limits you to certain types of jobs, such as, just for example, being a community block watcher, or a school crossing-the-street guard, or a storyteller to children, or a library helper, or a tutor, or a hospital worker taking books around to patients or delivering messages to the staff, or a baby sitter, or a companion to others who are in even worse shape, or any other of the hundreds of possible job descriptions that everyone who is elderly or disabled, or both, will be able to choose from, in productive service to their community, and you are only able to perform this function, let's say, using a worst case kind of a scenario in order to clearly show what I mean, for only one hour of just one day a week, because that is all your mental and/or physical condition and medical circumstances will permit, and which is verified by medical people in the community, you will still get a full salary from the "Public Enterprise" system. Each elderly and disabled person will be wisely, lovingly, and fairly dealt with according to their particular limitations.

From society's point of view, all of the sad, cruel, unjust, and ignorantly-produced individual and social problems, which are very costly to the community in many ways, and the suffering of so many people that now exists, because we do not wisely and creatively do whatever is necessary for the elderly and the disabled, and make sure that they can support themselves, no matter what their legitimate limitations are, will cease to be the problem that it now is.


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