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Let me address, in a few ways, this general question and fear that many people will naturally have concerning all this:

"How can we keep adding new money into the world-wide economic system, as laid out in this new 'Public & Private Enterprise' plan, without creating non-stop 'inflation'?"

First let me say this: With no more economic desperation anywhere; with absolutely everything important and necessary constantly being financed in every nation; with the whole world constantly very busy and productive in this new and very healthy non-stop way within both "Public & Private Enterprise"; with this whole new way of humanely and productively operating, worldwide, the dynamic dilemma known as "Inflation" should not even come into play anymore in any significant way, as most of the various man-made fields and conditions for its existence in the first place won't even exist anymore.

Since "Private Enterprises" have to compete to sell and provide their products and services, the same as always, in any particular nation, group of nations, or in the whole world, wherever "Public Enterprise" happens to also be in place, it should be very easy to completely, and naturally, control inflation and keep it at bay, because of the possible consequences that a "Private Enterprise" located within or outside the country could suffer. Why? How? Because we will have a built-in safety-valve always naturally in place. Any business or combination of businesses that are unfairly trying to inflate prices will simply be exposed as to what they are doing, and bypassed by the "Public Enterprise" government or governments, and their citizens. The bottom line is that they could face the hard economic fact that no one will buy their products and services any more. Not only that, but the nation or nations may decide at any time, if for some reason there are no other "Private Enterprises" to step in and operate in a fair way, to quickly build a "Public Enterprise" which will provide the same products and/or services as the businesses who are trying to, whether on purpose or simply because they are ignorant as to what they are doing, and won't listen to reason, take advantage of humanity in that way. When businesses operate fairly, there will never be, and should never be, the need for "Public Enterprise" to step in in this way. A world always awash in money because of productive and needed "Public Enterprise" doing will have no problem for its citizens in this way. The bottom line is this: It will always be best for "Private Enterprises" to be honorable and play fair, worldwide, or even in one nation which may be testing the system for the world, within the dynamics of this new "Public Enterprise" system, which is naturally working hand in helpful hand with "Private Enterprise".

We must open and free up our minds and not hold ourselves back in thinking about the old and current ways in which new money comes into existence, whatever ways they have been and now are, since these ways have proven themselves, loud and clear, to not work good enough -- not even close to being good enough to serve humanity well. In the vision presented here, new money will constantly come into existence only by all of the productive and necessary and agreed upon doing, with each generation adding to it as a portion of the people, in every nation, go to work, day by day and week by week, year in and year out, in both government and many other segments of the "Public Enterprise" sector, so that it always naturally funds the "Private Enterprise" sector.

Each generation's productive doing will ensure that the world is wealthier for the next generation. There can never be too much money in the world in this new system of bringing it into existence while at the same time solving all important economic problems, so that no form of productive doing, in both sectors of the economy, can ever be held back, and no form of human suffering that has its basis in economic problems can exist in this new system.

And don't worry about the rich and the super-rich, or how many people rise to that status in this new system. Unless they invest it and put their money to some sort of productive use, which is very good for the "Private Enterprise" sector, most of it, as now, is just a number on a ledger in a bank account. No one can accumulate and have too much money in a way that can hurt the rest of humanity, if they are sharp and witty experts in the "Private Enterprise" sector. Why? Because with "Public Enterprise" as the safety-valve, no one, no group, no combination of businesses, can create false shortages of anything, in order to unfairly raise the price in the "Private Enterprise" "supply and demand" way, or engage in unfair price-fixing, or monopoly tactics, without endangering their own businesses as explained in the third paragraph above this one: about how "Public Enterprise" will step in and compete with them as massively and as quickly as is necessary, if they do, when the product or service is critical and crucial, like "energy", for example.

Also, with a world always awash in more and more wealth and productive doing and good living by everyone, any particular product or service in the "Private Enterprise" sector, that is not really needed and is not crucial, and so not so important that everyone or even a segment of society must have it for their well being, if for some reason the price rises drastically, it won't be a harmful problem. Why? Because there are so many things for the consumer to choose from, that any particular product or service whose price goes way out of line for some reason, will, as now, be either bypassed by some people and willingly paid for by others, with no one suffering in any real way. This will all just be natural, the same as now. So "Public Enterprise" will never have to step in and get involved in the manufacture and delivery of general goods and services that are not crucial or critical necessities in any way; but always will, if and when necessary, when they are.

These are just a few of the ways of thinking about this new all-encompassing problem-solving way for humanity to operate, which, to me, is a wise, smart, united, caring, and friendly "One for all and all for one" world-wide economic system.

In a natural cosmic universe of duality and contrasts, on every level (such as beginning-ending, birth-death, hot-cold, up-down, sweet-sour, night-day, asleep-awake, wise-ignorant, small-large, in-out, rich-poor, love-hate, selfishness-altruism, spirit-matter, right-wrong, justice-injustice, cause-effect, and on and on with these "pairs of opposites" that we recognize everywhere and in everything), we need to get with the cosmic program and finally, as a whole world, work with rather than against the natural dynamics that pervades all of Nature, and all of the working dynamics of the forces in the universe, as science knows all about, with the contrast of "Public Enterprise" added to "Private Enterprise", for the sake of both a loving and harmonious, and yet still an incentive-driven, better-working economic dynamics for humanity.


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