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According to my vision, Yes! Why? Because in the "Public Enterprise" system new money constantly comes into existence only through all of the productive doing that every nation needs, week in and week out, endlessly adding to a world that is always "awash" in more and more money, because steadily funding everything that is agreed upon as being productive to be done, very much needed, and for the good of the whole community and humanity as a whole: be it all of the schools that are needed, and all of the teachers, books, equipment, and supplies; be it roads, bridges, and power plants; be it hospitals, doctors, nurses, equipment, and supplies; be it police, fire, and emergency departments, and all the manpower, machines, and supplies needed; be it libraries, museums, art, and cultural centers and theaters of all types; be it scientific research into every single disease that afflicts humanity; and, of course, all of the government structures themselves, and all of their buildings, workers, equipment, and supplies that are needed; and on and on and on with "productive" and "needed" projects to always be funded, both in their startup phases and in their continuing week to week, month to month, and year to year operations, once up and running, no matter how local, national, or universal each project that is funded in this way happens to be.

Each nation is in the same exact boat as all of the others, no matter how large or small, so it should be very easy, and most necessary, to cooperate and approve all that is asked for to be financed and done in each and every one of their villages, towns, cities, and states, if a plan and proposal has professionally and skillfully been presented to the local community; to then move up the ladder of the approval process and to finally end up at the world's "Public Enterprise" new-money-issuing authority, where every nation has an equal vote. And all along the way the presenters of each new proposal may be asked to go and re-work it a bit, add other ingredients to it that paint the picture better, or cover bases that were left out, and be asked to do better, to tweak it, in a helpful way, when necessary -- but not looking to block it in any way, if the local community agrees that it is a most needed and useful project to add to the community. And, of course, "Public Enterprise" projects that have to be completely phased out, or re-worked, whenever necessary, should be part of the whole common endeavor.

And the bottom line is that it is always the plan and the necessary doing that is looking to be financed, with never any worry as to how big the project may be or how much it will cost, since money will never be an issue that is in the way, so will never be a problem, and fair salaries will be paid to all "Public Enterprise" employees, from top to bottom of the chain of doing, as well as fair prices to all of the contractors, suppliers, and consultants in the "Private Enterprise" sector of the society who sell their products and services to the "Public Enterprise" sector. This is the never ending "one hand washes the other" aspect to all this, with the "Private Enterprise" sector actually doing all of the benefiting from all that is going on in every way, since all "Public Enterprise" employees, who are being paid with new money each week, all over the world, mostly spend their income in the same old "Private Enterprise" sector, in every way, as always, when shopping and paying their bills, and when spending it on entertainment and travel.

And each nation and its people should be free to conceive, plan, create, build, and operate each of these projects according to their own social customs, styles, and national and local propensities, when not harmful to humanity or the planetary environment in any way. The submitting of plans and proposals at the local level will be the same as always, which is simply to show a well thought out plan, the need for it, the good it will do, how it will be built and operated, and so on. Money will no longer be a difficult issue in the "Public Enterprise" system as envisioned, just all of the competent and productive doing of whatever is most needed, at all times and in every way.

What we would have here, once the world agrees to go this route, is a sort of ongoing, non-stop, world-wide "Marshall Plan" type of an action: the kind of rebuilding endeavor that followed World War II. "Public & Private Enterprise" would fairly quickly get humanity onto its feet, once and for all, and naturally always keep it strong and upright.


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