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Hello, and welcome to my web site. My name is John DeSantis. I'm a senior citizen who lives in Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.A.). I have a very big and important vision for humanity. And I have a firm conviction that I'm presenting humanity with a whole new and improved economic system model that is well worth considering very seriously, and all together: a strong starting idea for us to work with; a very strategic component that if added to our already existing systems can actually lead to the end of involuntary poverty on earth, right down to the last poverty-stricken person in every nation. How? By adding an ingredient, a new element, a method of operating that always, and absolutely, allows us to fully finance everything, in every nation, and always right up to the evolving maximum that is necessary and that humanity everywhere, at all times, knows that it desperately needs but simply can't pay for. And I do mean all of the most important things that everyone can think of -- all of the horrible things that we suffer and struggle with so severely in every nation that are based on economics.

This project is based on an Economic Vision that I had for humanity back in early 1980. It's a vision that I'm firmly convinced all the great prophets, sages, adepts and teachers, as well as the many other wise people who came after them, and who are also very highly revered, respected and loved by the many billions of people who are members of the various religions on our planet, would collectively both approve of and want their followers to become actively involved with in order to help make this vision become a reality. Each of our many religions was originally built around, and is sustained by, the lives, words, and deeds of some of these great ones. Why do I think that they would all approve? Because the vision points to a very practical plan that can actually help us to completely solve a great many day-to-day problems around the world that we have never been able to solve, except very partially here and there. And also because if the plan is implemented in every nation we will have once and for all organized our world-wide very interconnected economic and social systems correctly, effectively uniting humanity in many very important practical and problem-solving ways so that we can have a much better chance, as a world-wide civilization, to finally evolve to a point where we truly love and care about one another, as each of the founders of our various religions wanted us to -- no matter what our particular religion, philosophy, race, gender, nation, culture, and ethnic group is.

I promise everyone that if you take the time to read every bit of this economic proposal, and about the worldwide forum that needs to be launched around the starting ideas, you will see that it may just be the most important overall subject which humanity needs to have a public dialogue about. This is because it deals with and solves most of the many thousands of major problems in the world that all the people and organizations who work on helping humanity are lovingly and loyally dealing with to help their fellow human beings, the planetary environment, the animals, and so on, and this would be another very important united place and activity for them to interact through, support, promote, and help lead.

The bottom-line to my vision is this: WE THE PEOPLE, WORLDWIDE, ARE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY! Because of this, and from an all-encompassing moral, ethical, and spiritual point of view, the money system should be changed so that it absolutely makes the world work for humanity -- which the existing flawed system does not. Unfortunately, because of the way we now operate, the man-made dynamic is that, to say it in my particular way, MONEY EITHER MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND SMOOTHLY -- OR NOT! Since this is the sad reality, and we are a very broken world from this point of view, I think this subject for the people of the world to dialogue on is one of the most important things to do together so that the entire system can be fixed.

I want everyone to know that every single organization, small and large -- local, national, and international, that serves humanity in the 1,001 ways that are unfortunately necessary in every nation, can help support, get involved with, and make popular this project without breaking stride and taking too much time and effort away from the good work that each is already doing. And that if the vision is ever actually put in place, after a long worldwide public discussion about it, the mission of most of these organizations that serve our suffering humanity in every nation within all the realms, situations, and subjects related to and caused by poverty, will be much altered as poverty will have finally been eliminated on the face of the planet. I present many, many different ways to see how this can come to pass on this web site.

Because I'm not a professional and skilled writer, please only consider everything that I present in this document as some of my rough unedited notes that are offered in order to paint enough of the picture of the movement that I'm trying to inspire humanity to start in every nation -- and that they will be rewritten and presented in a much more organized and professional way once some skilled and talented people who are inspired by what is presented come along and get it all started. I most sincerely hope that after you have taken the time to read everything here, you will at least feel that it's worth telling others about my vision, for their open-minded consideration.

Now that I have spent over 9 years putting ideas about my Public & Private Enterprise economic vision for humanity on this web site (since January 4, 2001), it is time to get the envisioned worldwide Movement started here in my Baltimore regional community so that it can then reach out to the rest of the world. Because of this, I now want to concentrate on speaking in many places in my community in order to both let people know about the project and to hopefully inspire some people in each audience to come join the action and add their skills and talents to the initial core group that is needed in order to get the worldwide "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" started.

I will steadily edit and add ideas to this web site, while I try my very best, little by little, in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead, in service to humanity, to lay out the basic foundational ideas of this economic-project vision that I have been constantly thinking about for over 32 years. Even though, as said, I'm not in any way a skilled writer, and never even finished high school before I joined the United States Marine Corps in the Bronx, New York in April of 1958, at the age of 17, I sincerely feel that it is my sacred duty to humanity to finally, once and for all, get it written down so that there is at least a record of it before my life comes to an end, doing my best to try and keep it public and available to as much of humanity as I can all along the way of its development. Why? So that it doesn't simply disappear from humanity's view when I die because not enough people around the world became aware of its existence, and so that it can keep being noticed, considered, evaluated, spoken of, pondered over, and improved upon, no matter how long it may take to be recognized and to finally have a chance to serve humanity well: be it in a few years, decades, or centuries.

Please be assured that I do not ask anyone to absolutely understand, approve, or support everything about this economic proposal at this early stage, but simply, after reading and considering it, to support a world-wide public dialogue and analysis of it over a long period of time. For now, until it gets going, and then is maybe named something else by a group of us, I call it the "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum".

I invite everyone who wants to become involved in some way, after reading this "Public & Private Enterprise" document, to join the action and throw as much or as little of your influence and weight, and/or your organization's influence and weight, that you care to, into helping to create and promote the world-wide "Public & Private Enterprise Development Forum" (be it a governmental, non-governmental, media, non-profit, charitable, environmental, educational, think tank, corporate, religious, youth, senior citizen, or other type of organization that you are associated with). So far the whole thing is just a two-person project (the other person is my wife, Bonnie Hurwitz). When that changes I will very happily point it out by editing this page accordingly, and keep doing it as more and more people, governments, and organizations get involved in some way. And besides wanting many people around the world to at least know about it, I'm looking for very key, wise, knowledgeable, and skilled people who are inspired by the idea to volunteer to lead, assist, and guide it at every level, from the highest leadership and actions down to the most humble, either in your own nation or as a champion of it around the whole world. Why? Because I only have the initial starting-point vision, but absolutely no organizing ability or know-how. This vision that I have lived with and have carried for so long now is much bigger and wiser than me, but it's surely not bigger and wiser than a skillful and "United" world-wide humanity that decides to organize and work together in order to take advantage of the tremendous possibilities that it offers for improving world conditions everywhere.

Because this is a project that, for the sake of humanity, needs every nation, or at least many nations, to become involved with it, each nation should assign at least a small committee of scholars, teachers, experts, and visionaries to help develop it, and to promote its existence.

Advance Notice: Please know that when you get to the end of the 17 sections in this first part of my writings, the Origional Manuscript, at whatever condition of development it happens to be in at the time of your reading, there is a large section that began on January 4, 2003 which is entitled "A GROWING LIST OF ADDITIONAL IDEAS, CLARIFICATIONS, AND THOUGHTS TO CONTINUE AND COMPLEMENT EVERYTHING THAT HAS SO FAR BEEN SAID IN THE FIRST 17 SECTIONS". I tell you this here so that as you are reading this first part, and ideas and questions enter your mind that you think should be addressed, but haven't yet been, or things written aren't yet clear enough for you, I ask you to keep in mind that there is a very good chance that they might be addressed, or will in the future be addressed, in the growing "Additional Ideas" section of this web site.


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